How It Works

Communication Games for Couples

LovePong is a communication game for couples. The premium version includes a 30-week interactive online relationship course.

More than anything, relationships are about communication. If you are "in communication" with your partner, your relationship works. If you think you are "in communication" and your relationship is not thriving in all areas, you are probably missing something.

Ping Pong Communication

Most of us are not terrific at communication. Moreover, communication will lapse in even the very best relationships. Hence 50% of couples who say "forever" later say "no more" - or remain in relationships that no longer are fulfilling. It is useful to have a gentle reminder to stay "in communication".

LovePong® works by giving you and your partner small, easy communication tasks, and provides online coaching on how to communicate most effectively.

Sometimes you'll find great surprises. Other times you'll discover things that might have festered - and get an opportunity to nip it in the bud.

First, you are given a task, such as:

  • List things for which you'd like to be acknowledged, or
  • Complete the sentence: "Something I've never told you before is..." or
  • Make a very specific request about something you would like from your partner

As you fill in blanks that state and further clarify the communication, LovePong® provides coaching, tips and examples to help you communicate responsibly, effectively and lovingly.

When you are done, this information is sent to your partner. We call this a "Ping."

Next, your partner receives an email that you have "pinged," and is invited to login.

Your partner reads your communication and then is guided to respond. LovePong® provides gentle coaching and tips to help your partner respond empathetically in a way that validates your expression.

Your partner's response is then sent to you in an email. We call this a "Pong."

See "Plans and Pricing" for the Premium version (the one that costs money).


How do my partner and I register for LovePong?

ONE PERSON initiates the registration process - you do not both register at the same time. Once you register, two things will happen:

  • You will receive an email to confirm your registration. You must click on the link in this email to complete your registration. If you have spam or junk filters, be sure to white list so that our emails can reach you. Your partner should do the same.
  • Your partner will receive an email to initiate his or her registration. Your partner needs to click on the link in the email, and then provide a username and password to complete registration.

What is the purpose of LovePong?

Drawing on the wisdom of relationship specialists, LovePong doles out a steady stream of gentle tips, coaching and encouragement to keep you and your partner lovingly engaged over the long run. LovePong gives couples recurring reminders to communicate about various issues and opportunities relevant to your relationship.

Even the best communicators forget about things, unconsciously sweep some issues under the carpet, or simply need to be periodically pinged that there is a person out there who needs to be reminded that s/he is loved and appreciated on an ongoing basis. You don't need to use LovePong to have your relationship be great, but you do want to develop some kind of system to make sure that you and your partner are constantly bringing consciousness and communication to your relationship. The main impetus for developing LovePong was to support couples in staying conscious to what has not been communicated, and to prevent withheld communications from festering into relationship-ending diseases.

LovePong gives you and your partner small assignments, knows when you have and haven't done them, and then sends you and your partner reminders to complete them. LovePong keeps track so you won't have to. And if you fall off the wagon for a few days or a few weeks, LovePong will remind you to restart, allowing you to pick up where you left off. Further, LovePong provides many tips in a context-sensitive format so that you can recall the information when you need it.

Ironically, one of the reasons why people may not want to try LovePong is that they already get too much email. Many people have become disillusioned with electronic communication. Barraged with texts, emails, spam, voicemail and the like, it seems like a lot of quantity without much quality. And, typically speaking, it is. But it's not the medium, it's the message! It's all about the level of consciousness we bring to whatever form of communication we employ.

LovePong is expressly designed to assist romantic couples. Here you'll be supported in staying conscious in your relationship and in communicating effectively, responsibly and lovingly. Most users say that LovePong has enhanced their relationship.

What is a LovePong assignment?

LovePong assigns specific types of communications for you to deliver to your partner. For example, "Name a pet peeve you have with your partner." Or "Acknowledge your partner for something you haven't acknowledged in a long time." LovePong guides you through assignments so that your communications are powerful and loving.

What happens if I don't do a LovePong assignment?

If you have been given a LovePong assignment and don't do it, you will receive a reminder. Using Preferences on the main menu, you can set how often you would like to be reminded. Your partner will not be given a new assignment until you have done yours. If you are too confronted by a particular assignment, you can change the question, or pass altogether on that assignment category.

What results can my partner and I expect from doing LovePong?

The results you get out of LovePong will be commensurate with what you put in. Couples who take it fairly seriously report that LovePong has supported them in communicating more powerfully and lovingly. Many say LovePong has improved their relationship and increased their intimacy.

What do we do if we get stuck?

If you are too confronted by a particular assignment, you can change the question or pass for now, and your partner will be given the next assignment. If you and your partner are at loggerheads, and this continues, we recommend you get some support from someone like a couples therapist or relationship coach.